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My Utmost for his Highest Oswald Chambers

My Utmost for his Highest Oswald Chambers



Oswald Chambers 1874 – 1917 Scottish Minister,

Teacher, Artist, Musician, and Military Chaplain



Title: My Utmost For His Highest

Author: Oswald Chambers

Inside View…

“My Utmost for His Highest”

was first published in 1927,

 and has remained continually in print ever since.

Thousands of people have been blessed and challenged as they have regularly read this daily devotional.


Oswald Chambers, a Scotsman who converted to Christianity in his teens under the ministry of Charles Spurgeon, has been affecting Christians with his devotional words since My Utmost for His Highest was first published in 1935. This acknowledged classic contains 365 daily readings that take heady doctrine and make it practical, realistic, and intensely personal.

With humor and humility, Chambers speaks plainly to the common man struggling with devotion to Christ in daily living. Worldly cares and self-serving desires begin to lose their appeal as Chambers aides the reader in transforming his mind by viewing life through the instruction of God’s Word.

Richard Halverson, former chaplain of the United States Senate, attests to this: “no book except the Bible has influenced my walk with Christ at such deep maturing levels.” This is Chambers’s chief desire, directing the reader to “shut out every other consideration and keep yourself before God for this one thing only–My Utmost for His Highest… determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and for Him alone.”

Oswald J. Chambers

“…It was on one of his trips to America that he met Gertrude Hobbs


In 1910 he was married to Gertrude, whom he affectionately called “Biddy”. On 24 May 1913,

Biddy gave birth to their first and only child, Kathleen….


Chambers Family


Oswald Chambers’ Wife Biddy and Four Year Old Daughter Kathleen



Egypt Study Hut

….Chambers was assigned to Zeitoun in Egypt, where he ministered to Australian and

New Zealand troops who were later part of the disastrous Battle of Gallipoli….


Oswald Chambers British War Medal – WWI 1914 – 1918

Presented to Oswald Chambers in 1916 (1 year before his death) 

Chambers died November 15, 1917 in Egypt as the result of a ruptured appendix. He suffered the extreme pain of appendicitis for three days before seeking medical attention, refusing to take a hospital bed needed by wounded soldiers.


….While there are more than 30 books that bear his name, he only penned one book, Baffled to Fight Better. His wife, Biddy, was a stenographer and could take dictation at a rate of 250 words per minute. During his time teaching at the Bible College and at various sites in Egypt, Biddy kept verbatim records of his lessons. She spent the remaining 30 years of her life compiling her records into the bulk of his published works”







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My Utmost for his Highest Oswald Chambers


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